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Al Ghouth is a leading Tents and Shades Supplier and Manufacturer located in Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and all Emirates of UAE. We specialized in manufacturing and supplying of all kinds of steel structures, aluminum structures and outdoor shade structures with all types of technical fabric such as PVC, PTFE, ETFE, PVDF, HDPE (KNITTED), ACRYLIC, Polythene, Canvas, and Tarpaulins.

We offer a wide range of sunshade structure shades products including all types of car parking shades, all types of tensile fabric shade structures all types of Swimming pool shades, all types of Outdoor sunshades, all types of Beach shades, all types of Pergola shades, Shades sails, Outdoor umbrella shades or Patio shades, Awning permanent or retractable shades, School shades, Sitting area shades, masjid shades, Roof shades, many more and all types of Tents and Marquee Products includes Arabian tent, Majlis tent, Dome tent, Warehouse tent or Sheds, Wedding tent or Marquee, Pagoda tent, Gazebo tent, beach umbrella, Labour tent and many more.

Among the items, we manufacture and supply tents and shades both in standard and customized designs as per the client’s requirements…

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Al Ghouth Tents & Sheds Trd. LLC. applies the latest technologies and the best practices in developing environment friendly and good quality products. We manufacture products with the essential support of the Technical Design and Engineering Department, which creates and develops exclusive modern design products, as Al Ghouth is fully well equipped with German made machineries and with the world’s state of the art technologies, giving us an edge to always manufacture and produce high quality products to our customer’s satisfaction.

We are progressive and enterprise in all kinds of shades and tents manufacturing products. Al Ghouth can help you ensure the success of your events projects and render them memorable. Our tents and structures are appreciated and can be used for applications ranging from small concession stand to international events. Our experience has taught us volume about how to satisfy the varied needs of our customers. Quality was always the focus and we have made continuous improvements based on customer feedback and technology advancements.


Unlike other car parking shades and tents suppliers companies in Dubai or UAE. Our determined team of expertise has embarked us to cover almost any type of industry to work with makeup in their field projects. Be it aviation, sports, or the military industry we will provide with authentic work of tents and shades structures.




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